Stupid laptop keys and post-football depression

Hey, what do you know…my “o” “t” and “y” buttons work (for n0w) on my laptop!!! I swear, this thing is so tempermental, it drives me nuts. If I have to take in this laptop to get it fixed, again, I’m going to freak out. Down-time and computers drive me nuckin’ futs. Especially when it’s still so young, all things considered.

Spoke too soon…they’re crapping out on me again. F&*K! If anyone of you out there in cyber-land knows how to fix an ailing keyboard that is apparently not recognized by the motherboard – by all means give me a shout.

I’m going to end this blog before I tempt fate any longer with these God-forsaken keys. I hope you all have a great Sunday (even though there’s no football on :( :( sniff, sniff). Yes, I get depressed when football season is over. Deal with it. Baseball and basketball just don’t do if for me, either. Sigh…here’s waiting for next fall…my favorite season of all.

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